News 2024

04.02.2024 First show of the year! 

Back home after a lovely nat Dogshow in Etne. Great atmosphere and so well organized!! Credit to Ølen Etne Vindafjord dogclub for this lovely show!

All sighthounds was judges by Mr Davor Javor.

Whippet puppies

🏆Ballygran's Eben BOB and BOG 2

🏆Ballygran's Ebba BOS

🏆Ballygran's Ellon 3 best male puppy with HP. Proud owner Helene Pettersen Valsø.

🏆Ballygran's Ebony 3 best bitch puppy. Proud owner Kristin Wenneberg and Tor Aslak Tor-Aslak Flaten.


🏆 Ballygran's Dunbar 3 best male, CK. Proud owner Helene Pettersen Valsø

🏆Ballygran's Deborah 2 best bitch, CK (can not receive more CAC)

🏆Ballygran's Design 3 best in open clas with CK. Proud owner Anne Berit Lundberg.

Congratulation to Therese Bragstad, Ole Hagebø and breeder Chris Hagenes Suna Regens on winning Best bitch and BOS with Suna Regens X-is Vicky.

Irish Wolfhounds

🏆 Ballygran's Kevan Kinnell, best male, CAC & BOS. Proud owner Arvid Steen

🏆 N Ch NV-20-22 Ballygran's Ithel Innis 2 best male, CK.

🏆Ballygran's Keelin Keela 2 best bitch with Res. CAC. Proud owner Miriam Vågenes and Remi Andre Rognaldsen.

Congratulations Hildegunn Fluge on winning BOB puppy with Magh Itha's Camaderry. And to Jannicke Larsen on winning BOB with Chaos In Motion's Fun Fun Fun.

Traveling together with the best people ❤️. Thank you all for a lovely day, and for all your help❤️❤️❤️.

Therese Bragstad, Ole Hagebø, Anne Berit Lundberg, Miriam Vågenes, Helene Pettersen Valsø, Ørjan Pettersen, Arvid Steen and Louvise Steen.

Photo: Benedicte Tuft Aasen & Ine Dyngeland❤️