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🎈🎈 D-Litter Whippet is 2 years old🎈🎈

Another birthday to celebrate today! My lovely D- litter is turning 2 years old! I hope there is many cakes and parties, celebrating them today! 


Ballygran D-Litter

Deborah and Dawn sends birthday wishes to their siblings Jesper, Mimo, Zuki and Hedvig. And we are remembering dear Lilly 💔who left us way to early due to an accident. 

🎈🎈C- Litter whippet is 4 years old🎈🎈

Happy birtday to all, Ihope they all have a wonderful day! 

Ballygran C- Kull 
Albus, Clare, Misa, CloverLille Lee, Chester and Carter!! 

04.05.2024 Int Dogshow in Skara, Sweden

Kjersti, Andre and Konrad took the trip over to Sweden and did very well. 


2 best male with CC.  

N Vh Ballygran’s Keelan Kean
N Vh Ballygran’s Keelan Kean

27.04.2024 Nat Dogshow in Stange

Kjersti, Andre og Konrad is out on the road again, this time at a local nat dogshow in Stange.
Judge: June Wall, Ireland
Group Judge: Anita F. Duggan 

🥇 N Ch Ballygran’s Keelan Kean BOB and BOG 2👏👏
So proud of all three❤️❤️❤️.  

20.042024 NKK Int dogshow Kristiansand

Judge: Brit Schöne Brodwall, Norway.

Congratulations to:
🏆 Ballygran's Keelan Kean winning CK, CACIB and BOS today. As always Konrad, Kjersti and Andre are a great team🥰. 

16.04.2024 Welcome little miracle

Today my litle mirical IW puppy was borne. Ballygran’s L-litter. 

She is from frozen spern i had collected 22 years ago. My beautiful N S Ch, top winning IW male in Norway Rovaleco’s Irco Idol. Out of Ballygran’s Keelin Keela. I am so grateful to Mitiam and Remy who let me use their bitch for this special combination ❤️.

02.04.2024 Happy Birthday! 

Congratulations to all the hounds in the whippet B-litter who turns 8 years today. Beverly, Barnsley, Bolt and  Bentley. Thinking of Emma who left us to soon💔. 

30.03.2024 & 31.03.2024 Nat Dogshow in Vikersund


Today N Ch Ballygran's Keelan Kean was awarded BOB with a wonderful critique. And then winnin BOG 3, in a strong lineup. Congratulation to Kjersti, Andre and "Konrad". I am so pround of you all.  Breed judge was Mr. Bos Bosch from Belgium. 
Group judge :  Siret Lepasaar, Estonia. 

See more info and pictures of Konrad HERE ❤️ 


I am lucky that my friend are showing this weekend. N Ch Ballygran's Keelan Kean was 2 best male with CK, and a lovely critique. Congratulation to the owner Kjersti and to Andre hos is his designated handler. 
Breed Judge: Jean-Jacques Dupas.

06.03.2024 Existing times…

Exiting times ahead.  Hope to have some lovely IW puppies in late April. Fingers crossed🤞🤞🤞. Will do ultrasound in little over a week. 

02.03.2024 Kennel cough!

I am holding my breath, hoping non of my Irish wolfhounds will get it. So far only one whippet, Deborah is coughing. So no running crazy in the woods for a while…. 

04.02.2024 Puppies!!!

And while we were at the dogshow, puppies was born after “Konrad”- N Ch Ballygran’s Keelan Kean in Sweden! 6 lovely and strong puppies. 3 males and 3 females. Congratulations to Birgitta Lauritz and Kennel Bonnagården and to Kjersti Hoff Glitten, the proud owner of Konrad

04.02.2024 First show of the year! 

Back home after a lovely nat Dogshow in Etne. Great atmosphere and so well organized!! Credit to Ølen Etne Vindafjord dogclub for this lovely show!

All sighthounds was judges by Mr Davor Javor.

Whippet puppies

🏆Ballygran's Eben BOB and BOG 2

🏆Ballygran's Ebba BOS

🏆Ballygran's Ellon 3 best male puppy with HP. Proud owner Helene Pettersen Valsø.

🏆Ballygran's Ebony 3 best bitch puppy. Proud owner Kristin Wenneberg and Tor Aslak Tor-Aslak Flaten.


🏆 Ballygran's Dunbar 3 best male, CK. Proud owner Helene Pettersen Valsø

🏆Ballygran's Deborah 2 best bitch, CK (can not receive more CAC)

🏆Ballygran's Design 3 best in open clas with CK. Proud owner Anne Berit Lundberg.

Congratulation to Therese Bragstad, Ole Hagebø and breeder Chris Hagenes Suna Regens on winning Best bitch and BOS with Suna Regens X-is Vicky.

Irish Wolfhounds

🏆 Ballygran's Kevan Kinnell, best male, CAC & BOS. Proud owner Arvid Steen

🏆 N Ch NV-20-22 Ballygran's Ithel Innis 2 best male, CK.

🏆Ballygran's Keelin Keela 2 best bitch with Res. CAC. Proud owner Miriam Vågenes and Remi Andre Rognaldsen.

Congratulations Hildegunn Fluge on winning BOB puppy with Magh Itha's Camaderry. And to Jannicke Larsen on winning BOB with Chaos In Motion's Fun Fun Fun.

Traveling together with the best people ❤️. Thank you all for a lovely day, and for all your help❤️❤️❤️.

Therese Bragstad, Ole Hagebø, Anne Berit Lundberg, Miriam Vågenes, Helene Pettersen Valsø, Ørjan Pettersen, Arvid Steen and Louvise Steen.

Photo: Benedicte Tuft Aasen & Ine Dyngeland❤️