News 2019

June IW Specialty. Judge Eileen O Flanagan

- Winning best broodbitch with 

N Ch Irdalens Dream of Life and her offspring Ballygran's Ithel Innis, Ballygran's Hanluan Hogan, Ballygran's Iona Inira & Ballygran's Igraine Iseabeal

- 2 best breeders class

- "Anwen" -N Ch Irdalens Dream of Life winning best head & expression

- "Iza" - Ballygran's Igraine Iseabeal winning best movement, and winner of Intermediat class. BOS Intermediat. 

- "Innis" - Ballygran's Ithel Innis  winning the interm class, BIS Intermediat, CAC winning male, 2 best male and also winning best " Irish Spotting".